Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Travelling in Suphanburi

Banharn - Jamsai

           Located in the downtown area on Nang Phim Road, this country's first and highest view point tower overlooking Chaloem Phatthara Rachini Park allows tourists to enjoy a bird's eye view over the province at a height of 123.25 metres.  The tower has four view point decks, including ticketing and souvenirs, snack bar and park view souvenir and downtown viewpoint decks, and the fourth panoramic viewpoint deck is at a height of 78.75 metres.  Telescopes are available on the decks.  The interior is decorated with murals featuring King Naresuan the Great.

 Buffalo Village

                 The Buffalo Village is situated on Suphan Buri-Chai Nat Road, Amphoe Si Prachan. This tourist attraction wishes to pay tribute to this particular aspect of Thai culture and history and inspire the public to appreciate this cute beast and its mighty contribution to Thailand in the past. Interesting places in the compound are Farmer Village, His Majesty the Kings New Theory on Managing Agricultural Land Project and Thai-Style Teak Wood Houses. For more information, contact Buffalo Village at tel: 0-3558-2591-3, fax: 0-3558-1676 or visit


                                                                    Don Chedi Monument 

                       This monument is located in the vicinity of Tambon Don Chedi, Amphoe Si Prachan, 31 kilometers from the township area. The pagoda was constructed by the royal command of King Naresyuan the Great to commemorate his victory against King Maha Uparacha of Burma in single hand elephant back combat. Found in 1913 in ruined condition, only the base part can be seen. It was renovated having a new pagoda to cover the original one in the year 1952 by the government. A cast statue of King Naresyuan the Great mounting the elephant's neck was placed in fornt of the pagoda.

Bueng Chawak

            Bueng Chawak was originally a part of Tha Chin River. After a period of times, a part or the river branched off to form a crescent shaped lake tht took up some areas of Doem Bang Nang Buat district, Suphan Buri province, and Hankha district, Chai Nat province. In 1994, the Suphan Buri Provincial Authority and H.E.Mr.Banharn Silpa-archa, the Prime Minister, and various sectors, public and private. Initiated the Bueng Chawak Chalerm Phra Kiet Development Project to celebrate His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej's on his 50th Year Accession to the Throne.
                   The lake was excavated to dam up 10 million cubic meters of freshwater to irrigate 6,500 rais (10,400,000 sq m.) of agricultural land. The surrounding areas were developed into other projects such as the Wildlife Extension Center (Department of Livestock Development), a garden of indigenous vegetables, and an exhibition center for aquatic animals.

Wat Pa Lelai

                   This is a very old temple located on the west bank of the river on Malaimaen Road in the town. It is believed to have been built some 800 years ago when Suphan Buri was a prosperous community. A huge sitting Buddha image named "Luang Pho To", 23 metres in height, is enshrined in the main chapel. The image was originally situated in the open area and was later covered by the chapel. Worship fairs celebrating the image are held twice a year in April and November.
                     In addition, an old Thai style house called Khum Khun Chang has been built in the temple compound. The design of the construction has followed the description in Khun Chang-Khun Phan, a classic Thai poem which is a work of Sunthon Phu, the greatest poet of Thailand during the early Bangkok period.

Phu Toei National Park

                 Phu Toei National Park is located in Dan Chang, Suphan Buri. It's covers an area of about 79,368.8 acres. The forest has a lot of flora and fauna, the mountain range of Phu Toei is home of thousands of mountain pines and also the best viewing point.

Krasiao Dam

                  Krasiao Dam is located in Tambon Dan Chang, Suphanburi. It is the longest earthen dam in Thailand, with maximum water storage of 240 million cubic metres. It is also a major fish-breeding site. From the dam, tourists can enjoy a picturesque view of the vast reservoir stretching to Khao Phu Toei. 

Tha Sadet Bird Park

                 Tha Sadet Bird Park is located in Ban Tha Sadet, Tambon Sa Kaeo, 15 kilometres from downtown along Highway 322. The sanctuary is located in private fruit orchards whose owners are kind enough to let the birds live undisturbed. For over 40 years, the bird population has risen from a handful amount to thousands. Visitors can see various kinds of birds such as heron, Asian openbill and stork. In every October, the sanctuary will be crowded with migratory birds. 

Museum of the Descendants of the Dragon

               Museum of the Descendants of the Dragon situated in the City Pillar Shrine of Suphan Buri. It was founded to mark the 20th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between China and Thailand. Inside the dragon are the exhibition rooms display Chinese history from the legendary creation of the world, and background of the Thai people of Chinese origin, including important historical events, histories of important people, philosophy, wisdom, and inventions, presented through beautiful and modern media.

Wat Phrao

              The temple’s Wihan has distinguished architecture in the Burmese style. The hall houses a Buddha footprint. In the backyard is the library for Buddhist scriptures, which is located in the middle of the pond. Large flocks of flying foxes live on the Java plum trees in the backyard of this temple.